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New Universal Design Guide for Learning Released

Locals interested in continuing education and training opportunities available to them to get in touch with their local ETB.

The further education and training (FET) sector in Ireland should aim to reduce barriers to learning for all learners in Cavan and across the further education and training sector, rather than to attenuate them.

This is according to SOLAS, the Authority for Further Education and Training, which this week launched new guidelines for implementing universal design for learning. [UDL] in FET.

UDL is a set of principles and guidelines that aim to support all learners in using a variety of teaching methods to reduce barriers to learning.

This means that inclusive teaching and learning approaches are incorporated at the design stage so that the needs of all learners are considered wherever possible.

By applying the principles of UDL in FET programs, accessibility, variability and flexibility that meet the strengths and needs of learners are incorporated, thus adapting to the preferences, differentiations and variabilities of most learners.

SOLAS and Education Training Boards Ireland [ETBI] has partnered with AHEAD, which works to create inclusive environments in education and employment for people with disabilities, to develop this focus. Today, the guidelines were launched by the Minister of Higher and Higher Education, Research, Innovation and Science, Simon Harris TD.

Speaking today, Andrew Brownlee, CEO of SOLAS, said: “FET is available in all communities in Ireland. It offers each individual, whatever their previous level of education, a path to take them as far as they want.

To realize this vision, “inclusion for all” must be at the heart of the further education and training sector, says local ETB.